French Translation: Progress Towards Expansion

French Translation: Progress Towards Expansion

French Translation: Progress Towards Expansion 1306 954 Medical Simulation International

Help fund the French Translation project!


Funding Progress for the French Translation Project

Help MSI reach our funding goal of $120,000 to fully fund the French Translation of the Video Simulation Trainer and distribute to hospitals across French speaking West Africa.

English to French translation - FULLY FUNDED
Software coding - 20% FUNDED
Distribution - UNFUNDED

Medical Simulation International’s mission is to develop and deploy simulation training tools for the benefit of medical providers in low resource nations. The initial version of our Video Fistula Repair Trainer was completed in 2016 and has been an essential training solution to benefit the millions of women who suffer from obstetric fistula.

Building on this success, our goal is to reach more health care providers and their patients with a language translation the program. Our current focus is in the sub-Saharan region of Africa where more than 150 million people speak the French language.

The distribution plan will include  French-speaking countries of West and Central Africa. Expert fistula surgeons and teachers from each of these countries will meet with us in central locations  in West and Central Africa for Training of the Trainer (ToT) seminars. The goal of these sessions will be to demonstrate how to implement this powerful tool and integrate it into their training curricula.

A French translation of the current project will cost us $120,000. The components of the project can be itemized as follows:

  • English to French translation $10,000
  • Software coding $15,000
  • Distribution $95,000


Tentative organizational plan and budget for West African Training of the Trainer (ToT)

Regional Distribution Plan

  • 18 participating countries in West Africa
  • 5 groups of  countries, grouped by proximity and common language, that will share resources and support each other
    • Sierra Leone, Liberia, The Gambia and Ghana (English)
    • Nigeria (English)
    • Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Guinea (French)
    • Cote D’Ivoire, Togo, Benin (French)
    • Mali, Niger, Burkina Fasso (French)
  • ToT sessions held in each of the 5 regions
  • The video trainer program supplied for free to all interested participants
  • Follow up studies and surveys tracking / validating the outcomes


Executive Summary

The Video Fistula Repair Trainer created through a partnership between Medical Simulation International, FIGO, and other partners, is designed to provide cognitive training in preparation for hands-on training at an accredited fistula center. The trainer provides multiple modalities that appeal to different learning types, has an engaging format, provides formative and summative assessments, and is available as a just-in time refresher when needed.

We propose to include the Video Fistula Trainer as part of the Regional Plan for Reinforcement of Capacity Building for Fistula Surgery. Implementing the trainer will require the development of an implementation and evaluation plan for master trainers, supervisors, and trainees. The program will involve sessions for video training of the trainers (ToT) which will include:

  • travel to selected sites for demonstration of the trainer
  • development of an agenda
  • demonstration of the trainer and its incorporation into the curricula of training sites
  • providing copies of the trainer to partner institutions in collaboration with WACS
  • supervision of its usage
  • remote follow-up with master trainers and trainees to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Video Fistula Trainer as a training tool

TOT Funding Opportunity: $120,000