Medical Simulation International’s Interactive Fistula Simulation Trainer is a comprehensive training tool that functions on a personal computer. It  allows trainees the opportunity to experience and rehearse the steps of any number of medially complex procedures before performing them on a patient.

The Interactive Fistula Simulation Trainer runs on a personal computer, which even the most isolated hospitals in the developing world have on site for physician use. By utilizing tools available in-country, rather than shipping textbooks or teachers overseas, we believe many more providers can be trained rapidly, safely and in a cost and time-effective manner.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently our software only works on a PC. The software will not run on Mac products.

If you are currently a resident or enrolled in another training program, please email and indicate your name, program of study, institution and expected graduation date, and we’ll assess your eligibility to get the trainer at a discounted rate.

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