Simulation Technology: MSI's Interactive Video Trainer

Medical Simulation International’s Interactive Fistula Simulation Trainer is a comprehensive training tool that functions on a personal computer. It  allows trainees the opportunity to experience and rehearse the steps of any number of medially complex procedures before performing them on a patient.

MSI’s main initiative is to expand the skills and capabilities of in-country medical professionals. Men, women and children suffer daily because of a lack of medical care and access to adequately trained medical professionals in the developing world. Improved and accelerated methods of training are desperately needed to build health care capacity for the majority of the world’s population.

A small number of medical centers exist in Africa and other developing regions to provide care for conditions such as obstetrical fistula, cleft lip and palate, prostatic hypertrophy, and vaginal and urinary bladder prolapse. The current capacity to treat and train more doctors is overwhelmed by the volume of cases in need. Furthermore, such treatments are challenging and medically complex. Until recently there were no texts or even written standards of treatment. As such, unique and advanced training methods must be developed to implement this curriculum.

The Interactive Fistula Simulation Trainer runs on a personal computer, which even the most isolated hospitals in the developing world have on site for physician use. By utilizing tools available in-country, rather than shipping textbooks or teachers overseas, we believe many more providers can be trained rapidly, safely and in a cost and time-effective manner.